Meet Our Instructors
Bruce Chase-Dunn

Ashtanga Wall Yoga, Revitalizing Yoga

Bruce Chase-Dunn is a certifiedAshtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT 300), and also a Yoga Therapist (IAYT 300), and believes strongly that every practitioner deserves to find and experience the powerful transformation that lies within yoga.

All of us have physical challenges that we live with, but by setting intentions and then paying attention to ourselves and our practice, we can overcome these, and restore ourselves to optimal health and happiness.

Whether it isthe easy pacing of a restorative yoga class or the strong flow of a challenging Ashtanga class, Bruce believes that every practitioner should leave the class feeling that their whole body has been toned, their core strengthened, and that they received a total workout for their mind, body and spirit. 

A Comprehensive knowledge of yoga enables him to tailor the practice to suit eachstudent in order for them to fully experience the transformative power that lies within yoga. 

Students have commented that after one of Bruce’s teaching session they feel balanced, open and strong, and ready to meet their dayempowered and rejuvenated.

Debra Leibovitch

Kripalu & Meditation, Gentle & Restorative

Yoga is my passion and I love sharing it with others. I began practicing yoga in 1982 with Mollie Lawson in Westmount, Qc. The style that I learned was Iyengar and Kripalu. Kripalu is a centre for yoga and health in Massachussetts as well as a style of yoga. It's a very special place that I have been visiting since 1999. I taught my first yoga class in April of 1999 which in now Om West in Pointe Claire Village. In November of 2009 I had the good fortune to go to Rishikesh, India for six weeks and live in an ashram in order to complete a 500-hr professional yoga teacher training. It was a very challenging experience, at times overwhelming but totally life-transforming. I wouldn't trade it for the world. In the past two years I have developed a regular meditation practice and notice what a positive difference it has made in my life. I'm very enthusiastic about incorporating meditation into my classes. I teach in several locations to all kinds of people, I believe yoga should be accessible for everyone. Besides, teaching at Sattva I teach in companies, a senior's residence (my oldest student is 106 years old, very inspiring!), privately in people's homes and various yoga studios and fitness facilities. I love to learn and I am always a student as well as being a teacher. I enjoy taking other people's classes, participating in workshops and going on meditation retreats. 

Rhona Greenberg

Hatha Yoga, Warm Yin Yoga

Jerry Dzinzio

Warm Yin Yoga, Power Yoga Essentials

Jerry has been practicing yoga for over ten years. His yoga classes are inspired by Moksha, Anusara, Power Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. You can expect full spectrum classes that are fun and energetic while paying attention to proper biomechanics and principles of alignment. Classes are created to be accessible to all levels; supporting those who are new to yoga and encouraging the more seasoned practitioners to play their edge. He reminds you to enjoy the process and have fun along the way without taking yourself too seriously. Sweat will drip from your brow as you uncover your potential for personal greatness.

Dawn Magwood

Gentle Yoga & Meditation, Hot Flow, Yoga Flow, Yogalates

Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Hot yin/yang (also teaches Yin, restorative yoga and Hot pilates classes) Dawn is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She has been inspired by many wonderful teachers including Seane Corne, Anna T Forrest, Maria Garre and Paul Griley. She has also been influenced by the teachings of Mark Whitwell. Dawn has been teaching yoga since 2003. Her background in fitness started in 1999 when she became a group fitness instructor and is certified by the YMCA, Can Fit Pro and Les Mills International. Both Fitness and Yoga are a major part of Dawn's life and she loves to share her passion for both with her students to help them on their personal journey of discovery. Dawn's philosophy is simply to be the best that you can be at any given moment, whether that be on the mat or off. She gently encourages her students to explore their limits to achieve strength and balance, to become centered and grounded.

Dawn's other interests include travel and reading. One of her personal goals is to visit each continent and experience their cultures and customs.

Jocelyne Mahoney


I am Jocelyne Mahoney but you can call me Joce.  I am a mother of three sons and one daughter and a Nanny to our one-year old grandson.  I'm a daughter of a healthy 95 year old mother and I am a sister to four brothers and four sisters.  My family is my life and my joy and my "raison d'etre"! It's the reason I stay healthy and fit.  Fitness is my passion and has been since I got certified in l985.  I have grown in my career from being just a group exercise instructor in the 80's to being a busy personal trainer, Triathlete, half-marathoner, indoor spinning instructor, Yoga Instructor, and Pilates Instructor.   Come join me for an innovative, challenging and rewarding workout.  Pilates works!  It challenges your body from the inside out.

Linda Marchand

Wall Yoga, Power Flow, Warm Yin Yoga, Warm Yoga Flow

Linda is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher who loves to share her knowledge and passion for yoga. She is a former classical and contemporary dancer with over 20 years of teaching experience, and was the owner and director of l’Académie de Danse Classique in Montreal. Yoga became an integral part of her life when she began practicing over 16 years ago. After attaining her 200 hr. yoga teaching certification, Linda discovered a way to integrate her many years of training, teaching and observing movement, with an emphasis on correct alignment, into her yoga teaching. In her therapeutic approach, she strives to unite all the aspects of yoga; pranayama, asana, and self awareness, in a way that will allow her students to practice safely and injury free for many years to come.

Kadejah Laudi

Essentrics, Warm Vin & Yin & (Essentrics, Release, Rebalance & Restore)

After years of purely physical exercise, Kadejah discovered yoga and quickly became deeply rooted in her practice, enjoying a place to build inner and outer strength. She was inspired to become a 200-hr YTT certified yoga teacher so she could help spread the joy of yoga, striving to create a safe space for students to come to know and nurture their body, mind and heart. Her classes offer mindful sequencing linked to the breath, blending spirituality with playfulness, allowing students to tune-in and discover their own natural bliss. Students are encouraged to trust their inner teacher, embrace self-acceptance, leave competition aside and feel good.

Tracy Caverson

Core Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow

Tracy is a 200hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) who completed her training in the traditional Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga and has taught many different classes including Prenatal yoga, Kid’s yoga, Sivananda yoga and Chair yoga for seniors and students with limited mobility. She studies wellness, ayurveda and meditation, and integrates these holistic aspects in her life and in her classes. Yoga has been a part of Tracy’s life for over ten years and her teaching style is open-hearted and authentic, with a compassion-centered philosophy that encourages students to marry breath with movement and allow the breath to guide their practice. She creates classes with sequences that are both challenging and peaceful, with the primary focus on pranayama, the breath, accompanied by inspiring and spirited mantras or soulful and contemporary beats. Tracy loves to share the yoga lifestyle with others and help them discover ways to deepen their practice by nurturing their body, mind and breath: you’ll step off your mat feeling calm, refreshed and balanced. 

Joanne Gritsas


Growing up in a home inspired by traditional Greek music and dancing, I developed a passion for music and dance choreography.  I have many years of consistent exercise & running, including boot camps, core training and marathons. I came across a program that awakened my true desires called Essentrics. Being a level 2 Certified Instructor presently, I am continuing my studies daily and my goal is to become a master trainer. I enjoy attending workshops and supporting other instructors by attending classes to keep up my practice! I make sure that all clients leave my class feeling more lengthened in their bodies and soft on their toes! 

Audrey Jezek

Total Stretch

Audrey Jezek has been a student of Yoga and nutrition since 2012; certified with her 500hr teacher training from Naada yoga. She fell in love with the possibility of always feeling great in mind, body and soul. She believes it is possible to achieve all personal health and wellness goals through the balance of proper nutrition and Yoga. As an animal lover she believes in non violence and compassion to all. Her Yoga style varies from relaxed meditative stretch to a fun high energy power yoga. Her vision for all of you yogis is to help you grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat.

Karen Quilliam


Karen is a Canfitpro certified fitness instructor. YMCA Personal Trainer. She has been teaching fitness classes and training clients for 18 years. She is certified to teach Zumba, Pilates, Step, Kickboxing, Aerobics, Interval training, Bootcamp, Muscle conditioning and TurboKick. She loves working with the public and helping others achieve their fitness goals and feel their best!

Leigha Higgins

Total Stretch, Stretch & Strengthen